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We realize that there are many misconceptions when it comes to temporomandibular joints, bites, and facial pain. If doctors either cannot understand or worse yet ignore these conditions, then there must be confusion for patients. Although many doctors and patients believe that the temporomandibular joint is highly complex and unique, at the Piper Clinic and the Piper Education and Research Center we believe the exact opposite. On this website we explain the anatomy of the temporomandibular joint clearly and precisely. The staging that we present is exactly what we see in Magnetic Resonance scans. We relate the alignment of the bite to the exact condition of the joint, and we show how the changes in joint structures cause changes in the bite. We want you to understand Joint Based Dentistry and to be empowered to ask direct questions about your orthodontic, restorative, cosmetic, or surgical dental recommendations from your treating doctors. We will tell you why your previous treatment may have failed. We will tell you how to approach your pain diagnosis and treatment. We will directly discuss the controversies that you may face.
We promise to share information about joints, bites, and facial pain openly and completely whether or not you decide to become a registered member of this website.

As a patient you have choices to make about the doctors that you see, and we know that you may select doctors for the expertise that they have in other areas. We know that these choices are not always easy. In no way do we intend to imply that PERC trained doctors are the only qualified doctors in your community. We also do not claim exclusivity in the training of doctors. There may be excellent doctors in every community, and as a patient you may be fully satisfied and grateful for the care that you receive. We applaud successful outcomes no matter what the background of the treating doctor.
We promise patients that the doctors who train at PERC are taught everything that we have learned at the Piper Clinic.
We know the skills of the doctors that we teach, and we are continually available to refresh their old skills or to share new techniques. At the Piper Clinic and PERC we promise to never stop learning and sharing with both patients and doctors.
A PERC doctor may be of value to those patients who have lost confidence or who cannot find expertise. We promise to network member doctors and member patients who have taken the time to register on this website. Patients can be confident that the doctors on our site are doctors that we have trained. Doctors who accept member patients will also know that they will be seeing informed individuals with a high TMJ, bite, and pain IQ.
We promise that we will continually strive to be the best resource of trained and compassionate doctors.

Patients inquire frequently about scanning centers, physical therapists, and medical doctors who also may help them. Oftentimes these individuals do not directly attend PERC courses, but we may be aware of the services that they provide. For non doctor facilities we will do the best that we can to rate what we know. At the Piper Clinic we have reviewed thousands of MRI scans from scores of facilities. Those facilities that have produced acceptable quality will be acknowledged. Our patients have treated with hundreds of physical therapists, massage therapists, pain management doctors, neurologists, and etc. If we have gotten favorable feedback then we will invite these doctors to list on our website.
At PERC we promise to help patients to find facilities that are capable of giving the best care. Members may use this site as a search tool for PERC doctors, other doctor specialists, and facilities that Piper Clinic patients recommend. As our database builds you will also be able to determine exactly how much training each PERC doctor has received at our teaching center.



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