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The Piper Education and Research Center (PERC) is an organization dedicated to advancing the understanding of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. We are the educational facility for the Piper Clinic. We educate others about concepts of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, occlusal or bite deformities, and facial and temporomandibular pain. We deliver expertise to those who treat abnormal bites and facial profiles related to temporomandibular disorders. We strive to be the source of information for doctors, other professionals, and patients.

For doctors this site has been developed to promote the education and credentialing of individuals who are committed to the highest standards of diagnosis and treatment. For patients it is our intention to give precise answers about the temporomandibular joint, occlusion, and facial pain. For other professionals we wish to clarify misconceptions and offer a detailed overview of the field.

We attempt to network patients with those doctors and facilities that have developed diagnostic skills and competent management to help with any problem, no matter how simple or complex. We welcome you to access this site as a casual user or as a Registered Member.



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