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Treatment Philosophy of the Piper Clinic

The Piper Clinic will offer patients our best effort to diagnose through the latest and most appropriate testing. We will thoroughly review every test ourselves. We will interpret and explain our findings so that the patient will have full understanding of their anatomy. We will take patients beyond their teeth and their joint structures to a visualization of all of the anatomy of the head, including the skeleton of the face and the internal facial soft tissue structures.

With definition of the problem, we will offer our most accurate prognosis. We will explain the possible behavior patterns; both best and worst case scenarios, of the disease level of every individual patient. Patients will be advised of the consequences to their teeth, to the support structures of the teeth, to the joint, to the stability of the facial skeleton, to the function of the jaws and bite, to the cosmetic deformities of the face, to the impingement that the jaw may have on the airway, and to the projected pain patterning that results from the damaged structures.

Treatment will be based upon what is most appropriate for the given level of disease for each patient. We recognize that no two patients are exactly alike, and therefore each patient shall be respected as an individual. Responses to treatment shall always be measured. Continual improvement shall the focus for all past and future patients.



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