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Clinical Expertise

Dr. Mark A. Piper, DMD, MD, has dedicated his entire career to perfecting the diagnosis and management of facial pain, skeletal defects of the jaws, and abnormalities of the bite. In developing his expertise Dr. Piper has sought the highest possible level of training, and he has used this training to develop new methods of diagnosis of temporomandibular and occlusal problems. His medical background also brings fresh insight into the treatment of skeletal and pain problems, and he is one of the few physicians in the United States with a practice focused primarily on bite and joint deformities. In essence, Dr. Piper brings a "medical model" to dentistry. His 10,000 fully diagnosed and imaged TMJ and facial pain patients may be the most carefully documented patient base in the world, as every patient has been fully imaged with radiographs and MR scans with direct correlation of their temporomandibular joints to their mounted study casts.

In addition, Dr. Piper has surgically rehabilitated over 5000 joints. There are very few anatomical TMJ problems that Dr. Piper has not experienced first hand, and at the Piper Clinic the most complex patients in the world are routinely evaluated and treated. The Piper Clinic pain practice is extensive and currently treats over twenty new pain patients every month, and physician groups have sought Dr. Piper's expertise on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome I (CRPS I) or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) of the face because of the large number of these patients that he treats. The techniques and concepts that are employed at the Piper Clinic are the same techniques and concepts that are taught to our students at the Piper Education and Research Center. Dr. Piper has been honored by his fellow dentists in being named a Top Dentist in the United States, and similarly he has been named a Top Physician in the United States by his medical colleagues.



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