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Patient Membership

Patients may view the public side of this website as a casual user. Information about Joint Based Dentistry, TMJ anatomy, diagnosis, treatment, and subsections about treatment failure and controversies are also available to non members. Casual users will not receive any email or other communication from us.

There are additional benefits to becoming a Registered Member. All members may receive newsletters, view FAQ's, and contact us with questions. Patient members will be able to link to other TMJ resources.

A primary membership benefit is access to the Doctor and Facility Search. Our alumni search links to the biography, office locations, and services offered by our PERC graduates. In addition registered users may view specialty facilities identified by our graduates such as radiology or Magnetic Resonance imaging sites, physical therapists, massage therapists, pain specialists, and other medical and dental personnel.

PERC courses are designed for medical and dental professionals with the exception of the Patient Tutorial. This Patient Tutorial is an opportunity for a patient and treating doctor and staff person to participate in a full clinical workup of the patient at the Piper Clinic ( If you are a patient interested in further information about a PERC Patient Tutorial, then please register and enter your inquiry under the Contact US page.

PERC will maintain periodic communication with members by email, and acceptance of email from us is an absolute requirement for membership.



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