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Best Clinical Preparation

At PERC we want to deliver the best possible clinical preparation to our students. We want to be the best resource for continuing education for temporomandibular, occlusion, and facial pain patients. However, what we teach goes well beyond these areas to an emphasis of "pattern recognition" of injured patients that precedes clinical symptoms. We stress the importance of recognizing children with unknown TMJ disorders whether they are preadolescents with severe tooth wear, adolescents facing complex orthodontic treatment, or teenagers facing orthognathic (bite) surgery. We demonstrate the importance of understanding why bites change or restorations fail in adult patients. We will show you how to deliver appropriate and consistently high quality dentistry with a complete understanding the temporomandibular joint. We will demystify the TMJ and the occlusion.

With PERC training your patients will not have to be concerned about what you do not know. The value of your understanding will show well beyond your expertise with TMJ patients. Your patients having treatment with orthodontics, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and bite surgery can be more successfully managed because you will understand the TMJ. If you are an orthodontist or surgeon we will show you how to identify children who risk relapse. If you are a cosmetic or esthetic dentist, we will teach you how to make your work not only look good but also function comfortably for your patients. Our training will show you how to be absolutely certain when bites will be stable, and if you project instability then we teach you to prepare patients for acceptable alternative treatment options. We will teach you how to diagnose and treat the various layers of facial pain.

Our PERC lectures now offer the most complete and updated didactic manuals on temporomandibular disorders, Joint Based Dentistry, and facial pain. Every concept covered in our courses is thoroughly written in our manuals. We believe in a complete coverage of all topics in our manual on Comprehensive TMJ Science. PERC has also published a companion pocket manual that is a redaction of the lecture material in the large manual. Anything that one has to reference in chairside practice is in the pocket manual. If you want to recall something about the anatomy of the TMJ, then it is here. Sample prescriptions for medications, scans, and radiographs are included. The pocket manual contains references to the classification systems. Examples of bone pathology are printed. You can literally match any diagnostic test finding from your patient to an example in the manual- whether you are interpreting your findings from manipulation, Doppler, radiography, CAT scan, or MRI. The manuals contain a "cookbook" of diagnostic and treatment options for every stage of joint pathology. Our educational materials on Joint Based Dentistry are the first products of their kind, and the manuals and reference materials simplify these advanced new concepts. Our students tell us that the PERC manuals are the best that they have ever seen in continuing education.

PERC will address the flexibility that you need in your continuing education. We have multiple educational tracks, and we can accommodate any experience level and any type of doctor. Through our Facility Courses and Online Courses you can choose among didactic lectures, hands on skills, individual tutorials, and self-paced studies. You can be exposed to basic material on diagnosis and management or you can progress to the development of your own research projects and publications. You can use the services of our research department to help you with study design, statistical analysis, literature search, or help in technical writing. You can review concepts by attending update seminars and by participating in case studies. You can even attend the full diagnostic workup of your patient of record by attending one of our Patient Tutorials. You can bring your staff for training, and you can develop a team of local doctors, including specialists, and you can refer your radiologist or pain doctor to our seminars. If you wish, you too can become adept in pain management, or you can learn how to read your own MRI scans. You can develop your skills to become the expert in your community or you can assume a professional leadership role by hosting a PERC study group or by developing your own seminars. At the Piper Education and Research Center there is no end to what you can achieve, learn, and accomplish.

We want you to be proud of your education at PERC. Once you have completed at least one of our courses, you may list your office facility on this website so that patients can learn about you. If you have teamed together with a good imaging center or radiologist then we want patients to know about them as well. Other doctors in your own community may be seeking the expertise of a PERC trained doctor for referral, and we want them to learn about you from us. We will do everything we can to help you to show your expertise to your community.

We promise that you will be able to recognize temporomandibular disorder patients before they become pain patients.
We promise that your knowledge gained at PERC will instill greater confidence in your patients.
We promise to give you the most complete and comprehensive written manuals for referencing topics on TMD, occlusion, and facial pain.
Our promise to PERC doctors is to deliver the best available flexibility in coursework, educational tracks, study groups, and personal research and publication.
We promise that we can make you the TMJ, occlusion, and facial pain expert in your community.
We promise that with a PERC education, patients will seek you for your expertise.



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